Imma do it, do it, do it till you can't take no more. You can be my dominatrix. Place my wants and needs over your resistance.. Rihanna's Sex Slave!
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Hearing Chris Brown’s voice in Birthday Cake.
About Birthday Cake Remix


When people told me Chris was on it i was like

then when i heard the remix i was like

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Chris Brown:  Girl I wanna f*ck you right now, it's been a long time I've been missing your body
Rihanna:  Remember how you did it? Remember how you fit it? If you wanna kiss it come, come and get it

HE WANT THAT *clap clap clap clap clap*
Chris n Rihanna showed tonight that they r more MATURE than the media will EVER be. They did this for their FANS #TeamBreezy #RihannaNavy

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Ok so …. The Birthday Cake Remix ..


This shit is FIREEEEEEE!! Seriously Chris was the only one for this Remix!

Fuck a hater!! The song is a fuckin problemmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

#TeamBreezyana up in the bitch!

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Chris Brown and Rihanna On Each Others Remixes That Came Out Today:

To The Haters: 

   Birthday Cake - Remix - main (mastered) Rihanna
   Turn Up the Music (Remix Feat. Rihanna) Chris Brown

Rihanna on the set of ELLE’s photoshoot
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